Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Hubby, Two Kids, A Dog... And Where I Was Suppose To Sleep?

It's raining..wait let me rephrase that.. It's POURING down! And it sounds absolutely amazing on this tin roof. Like a lullaby rocking you to sleep, my eyes are barely staying open to write this! So why am I not enjoying the music?

Um, does a 2 year old, 8 month old, a spoiled dog, and hubby in our bed mean anything to you? Yea, no room for Mommy! My kids sleep like some Jack Donkeys!!! Not even exaggerating one bit. If before I had kids someone told me to invest in a California King just for that reason, I'd laugh. Now I'd thank God if someone got me one.
My Son is the craziest one. One minute he cuddles, the next minute he's kicking you in the face. Not to mention his dreams, I don't know what that boy dreams of. Laughing to nearly crying, then he's screaming.
Our 8 month old stays fairly still but hates to be cuddled..which is kinda impossible in a queen size bed! And don't get me started on ALL of them being little heaters! Seriously, we don't need to even run our heater when they pile in bed. Which isn't always a bad thing unless its 100 degrees out.
The dog ,oh, the very spoiled dog. She HAS to be in our bed. She is like a kid and stays so far up my butt all day it's ridiculous. No joke. I can't pee without her having to join. And as much as I love the little shit she can sure piss ya off while you are trying to sleep. Seriously, Coco , my feet will still be there in the morning for you to attack and lick the bottom of my sock!
And it all comes down to that amazing hubby I have...who sleeps like a brick. The man does NOT move...or comprehend anything you say while he's out. And he loves to cuddle, which ends up me trying to escape his grip cause I feel like he's suffocating me cause he's squeezing me like a pillow. Or the thing he loves...putting his leg across me! His leg automatically becomes a 200lb wrecking ball slamming into me when he's out.

I could literally punch myself in the face for not listening to the 5368843 mamas who told me NOT to co-sleep. Yea, didn't listen! But hey they only wanna be in your bed, let alone seen with you, for a little while. Might as well enjoy it! So I'm gonna go try to find a place in my bed between all the craziness and try to cuddle in. If that doesn't work my 2 year old has a hell of a comfortable Cars bed :)


  1. Yea! Shawnna in the blog world :) I know all about Except its a 10 year old..3 year old and a lab..oh and the poodle and dumb sneaky cat. Lol And on a few extra special.nights Johnny. Lol

  2. Oh my gosh, girl, I feel ya! BK is the same- one minute we get extra wonderful cuddles and one minute he's pushing us away. I'm lucky though, 'cause now he likes to cuddle sister in HER bed more than me! Lol.

  3. Hey Shawnna you have just described my every weekend except you'd have to add three more little people to that. Yes! 5 kids well including my hubs that would be 6 kids and a dog.LOL I am thankful though my parents got us our first king size bed.((: Btw welcome to the blogging world I just started a few days ago.